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By Fred D'Ignazio

Includes twenty-two brief, basic video games to take advantage of with an Atari desktop on such themes as colours, sounds, multiplication, country names, spelling, fractions, and Spanish and French languages.

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You can add new sounds by changing the list of sounds in the subroutine beginning on line 3000. You can add new words with these sounds by changing the DATA commands beginning on line 5010. Also, please note that some of the words in the current list have more than one phonetic sound hidden inside. Yet the current program only recognizes one of those sounds as a correct answer. How would you modify the program to make it recognize the other sound or sounds? 8S 6 BOOKBBPOBT For Parents and Teachers ...

The first subroutine (called on line 110) prints the list of phonetic symbols. The second subroutine (called on line 115) selects the word with the mystery phoneme hidden inside. The third subroutine 23 24 ATARI IN WONDERLAND (called on line 120) prints the word on the TV screen. The fourth subroutine (called on line 125) moves the "choice" arrow each time you press the SPACE bar. This game is played in Graphics Mode 2-with a difference. On line 105 the command POKE 756,226 changes the Mode 2 character set from numbers and upper-case letters to graphics symbols and lower-case letters.

As it types the story on the TV screen, you can be busy copying it in your notebook. Then it's ready to turn in to your teacher at school tomorrow morning. " THEN R$(LEN(R$)+l ) =" II 225 R$(LEN(R$)+l)=" " 230 R$(LEN(R$)+l)=L$ 240 GOTO 200 300 PRINT "'\ n 303 L$="BOOK REPORT BY " 304 L$(LEN(L$)+l)=NM$ 305 GOSUB 3010:REM * CENTER LINE 306 POSITION X,O:PRINT L$ 308 L$=DT$:GOSUB 3010:POSITION X,2:PRINT L$ 310 L$=T$:GOSUB 3010:POSITION X,4:PRINT L$ 320 GOSUB 3510:REM *** TITLE LINE 330 POSITION X,5:PRINT L$ 340 L$="BY ":L$(4)=A$:GOSUB 3010:POSITIO N X,7:PRINT L$ 345 PRINT :PRINT 350 GOSUB 4010:REM *** PRINT REPORT 355 IF PEEK(84»=23 THEN GOSUB 4510 360 L$="THE END":GOSUB 3010:POSITION X,P EEK(84)+2:PRINT L$ 380 POKE 752,0 390 GOTO 390 3000 REM *** CENTER LINE SUBROUTINE 3010 X=«38-LEN(L$»/2)+1 3020 RETURN 3500 REM *** TITLE LINE SUBROUTINE 3510 FOR 1=1 TO LEN(T$) BOOK REPORT 3520 L$(I,I)="-" 3530 NEXT I 3540 RE'l'URN 4000 REM *** PRINT REPORT 4010 D=O:P=l 4015 IF LEN(R$(D+1»<=37 THEN PRINT R$(D +1) :RETURN 4016 RS=37 4020 IF R$(D+RS,D+RS)=" " THEN 4090 4030 FOR RS=36 TO 1 STEP -1 4040 IF R$(D+RS,D+RS)=" " THEN POP :GOTO 4090 4050 NEXT RS 4090 IF PEEK(84»=23 THEN GOSUB 4510 4095 IF POS(P»D+RS OR POS(P)=O THEN 410 o 4096 GOSUB 5010:GOTO 4015 4100 PRINT R$(D+1,D+RS) 4110 D=D+RS 4130 GOTO 4015 4500 REM *** PAUSE/CLEAR SCREEN 4510 FOR PAUSE=l TO 3000:NEXT PAUSE 4520 FOR L=10 TO 22 4530 POSITION 2,L:PRINT B$ 4540 NEXT L 4550 POKE 84,10 4560 RETURN 5000 REM *** PARAGRAPH 5010 RS=POS(P)-D-3 5020 P=P+1 5030 PRINT R$(D+1,D+RS) 5040 D=D+RS+3 5050 IF PEEK(84}>=21 THEN GOSUB 4510:GOT o 5080 5060 POKE 84,PEEK(84)+1 5080 RETURN Highlights ...

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