Download ASME Steam Tables: Compact Edition by ASME Research and Technology Committee on Water and Steam in PDF

By ASME Research and Technology Committee on Water and Steam in Thermal Systems Subcommittee on Properties of Steam

This up to date and concise book comprises the subsequent: U.S. frequent devices - desk 1. Saturated Water and Steam (Temperature Table), desk 2. Saturated Water and Steam (Pressure Table), and, desk three. Superheated Steam (1 to 15,000 psia); SI devices - desk four Saturated Water and Steam (Temperature Table), desk five. Saturated Water and Steam (Pressure Table), and, desk 6. Superheated Steam (0.005 to a hundred MPa); and, Unit Conversion elements - Mollier Diagrams (U.S. and SI units).

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2010; Laizet and Vassilicos 2011a; Laizet et al. 2013). Visualisations of these simulations showed that the vorticity field generated using fractal grids is more intermittent or clustered than that generated using regular grids (Nagata et al. 2008a; Suzuki et al. 2010a; Laizet and Vassilicos 2011a). Laizet et al. (2013) suggested the existence of a wide range of wavenumbers, wherein the interscale energy flux is dependent on the inlet/initial Reynolds number, which is negative, and is independent of the wavenumber but not necessarily of the viscosity.

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