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Even supposing non secular innovation in the US traditionally has been the norm instead of the exception, mainstream americans have usually seen new spiritual routine with suspicion and infrequently with outright alarm. The query motivating many reviews of recent non secular routine has been 'why may somebody subscribe to those religions'? In 'Antiquity and Social Reform', sunrise Hutchinson bargains a minimum of one solution to this frequently repeated question. She argues that fans of recent spiritual hobbies within the 1960s-1980s, particularly the Unification Church, Feminist Wicca and the country of Yahweh, thought of those religions to be valid simply because they provided individuals a private non secular adventure, a connection to an historic culture, and business enterprise in bettering their global. using an old strategy, 'Antiquity and Social Reform' considers the conversion narratives of adherents and first literature of the adolescence of those hobbies, which demonstrates that the spiritual studies of the adherents and a resonance with the objectives of those religions propelled contributors into social motion.

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Moon’s intention, from the beginning, was to 38 Chapter One restore Christianity to the “original” purpose of God revealed to Moon through his visions. However, his understanding of how this restoration would occur developed over time, as evidenced by his sermons and the conversion stories of congregation members. At first, they seemed to view their movement as a new beginning for the existing Christian church. Later, this view evolved into a belief that the movement had come to replace the extant Christianity as the “true” Christian vision of God.

To further disseminate the beliefs of the church, Moon decided to open a Unification Theological Seminary in Barrytown, New York in 1975. The seminary was designed to train future leaders for the movement. Many of Moon’s methods for spreading his beliefs in the United States have been controversial. He supported Nixon during the Watergate scandal, and he was investigated by a Congressional committee for trying to buy political influence for South Korea. , in an effort to disseminate his views in a nationally-recognized forum.

Based on its intention to correct Christian teachings, I argue that the Unification Church is a Christian restoration movement. Such movements believe that their doctrines and practices embody the spirit of the authentic message from God as represented by Jesus in his earthly teachings. Restoration movements are a category included in this study because they The Unification Church as a Restoration Movement 23 appeal to an ancient past to explain their current practices. The ancient tradition the Unification Church appealed to was “original,” or formative, Christianity.

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