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147). Alon's reasoningis as follows: He notes thatrabbinicsourcesdifferwith regardto the natureof Gentileimpurity,some sources comparingGentilesto a zab, othersto a reptile,and othersto a corpse(pp. 168-169). Alon sees a similarconfusionwith regardto idol impurity,andthereforeassumesthattheremustbe a linearconnectionbetweenthe two (pp. 171-172). Alon's logic is faultyenoughon its own, but the analysisof M. AvodahZarahfurtherweakenshis thesis. Yet, as will be seen, thereare few echoes of the impurityof idols here,andnoneof the impurityof Gentiles.

In passages (2) and (3) reveals an importantpoint. The ungrammaticalforms of each example are inflected according to different patterns-pd'al (in text [2]) versus pdc2' (in text [3]); in addition, a derivational relationshipis drawn between a perfect inflection and an imperfect inflection (as in the case of the verb 0r), and between two perfect inflections (as in the case of the verb nix). 19. HayyQjacceptedthe I and ' as being interchangeable as medialweakradicals;consewith ' fromthe root -r-ipwas acceptableto him.

In fact, Sibawayhi claimed that a primitive form of the surface forms of verbs existed. Haim Blanc explained Sibawayhi's approach: Themostpervasivenotionfoundin theKitdb,as in all subsequentgrammarians, with referenceto derivationalpriority,is that of 'asl, lit. 'origin,root'. It is appliedto basic,primaryor underlyingform;no explicitdefinitionof it occurs, and it refersnow to historicallyolderform [sic], howevervaguelyconceived, now to theoreticallynormalor expected form, consistentwith the (largely 'concrete, inexplicit) qiyds.

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