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By Alexander S. Kirshner

How should still pro-democratic forces protect consultant executive from anti-democratic forces? by means of granting rights of participation to teams that don't percentage democratic values, democracies might endanger the very rights they've got granted; yet denying those rights can also undermine democratic values. Alexander Kirshner deals a suite of rules for identifying while one might kind of refuse rights of participation, and he defends this thought via real-world examples, starting from the far-right British Nationalist get together to Turkey’s Islamist Welfare get together to America’s Democratic get together in the course of Reconstruction.

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Participants in democratic revolutions aim to unseat antidemocrats and to establish representative institutions. But if revolutionaries lose sight of their own fallibility and pursue a form of political utopia at the expense of the rights of their fellow citizens, they can set back the pursuit of legitimate government. As I argued in chapter 1, defenders of democracy, like democratic rebels, aim to achieve representative regimes in which individuals can safely pursue their political ideals, and they also face the danger that their activities will be self-defeating.

The other interests that are advanced through the political process are passive. 28 When individuals are disenfranchised, they are being treated as if they are not as capable and not as worthwhile as other members of the political community. Narrowly, this exclusion may cause emotional or psychological harm. More broadly, radical disrespect of this kind may influence individuals’ pursuit of their political and nonpolitical ends. 29 Citizens who are effectively disenfranchised should not recognize the decisions emanating from political institutions as their own, nor should they identify with the political community.

The evaluation of emergency measures will share the same structure as the evaluation of militant measures: we need to use measure X to preserve regime Y, but will employing measure X actually undermine regime Y? Despite this important similarity, citizens who reject democracy are not akin to foreign enemies; successfully defending democracy depends not on defeating antidemocrats, but on reincorporating them into the political community. As a result, the protection of representative institutions is by its nature a long-term political project.

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