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By Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Edward DeLos Myers, Royal Institute of International Affairs

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The Problem The Case for . the . . Correlation of the Chronology with Years of the Christian Era Goodman-Martinez-Thompson Yucatec and Mayan 169 CONTENTS ill. C. The Overthrow of Eduard Meyer's Reconstruction of the Chronology of South-West Asian History The Stratigraphical Evidence from Sites in North Syria The Evidence of the Mari Archives The Evidence of the Khorsabad List of Kings of Assyria . . i? 1 . i? 1 . . 3 . . 1 . 5 . 186 . . 187 . D. . . . ........ 1952 . . The Chronology adopted .

1952 . . The Chronology adopted . in . Volumes vii-x of this . 212 . 213 in. To Edward Gibbon, for showing me, by Example, what an Historian I. II. could do IV. . . . People, Institutions, Landscapes, Monuments, Pictures, Languages, and Books, for exciting my Curiosity . v. 226 To People and Books, for teaching me Methods of Literary Presenta- ........ VI. 213 To tion Vii. To viii. To . . . 229 People, Monuments, Apparatus, Pictures, Books, and Events, for giving me Intuitions and Ideas .

Baghdad was the culmination of the rapid growth of their extensive he was held to be the source of The . . ' 1 The Sunni precedent set by the heretical Buwayhids was followed by their supplanters, and successors in the scramble for fragments rivals, of the Abbasid heritage. D. D. 991-1031) to legitimize the dominion which he had won for himself de facto by successful rebellion against a Samanid master whose Transoxanian principality was itself the fruit of previous successful usurpation at the 'Abbasid Caliphate's expense.

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