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She is alive with potential, and by giving your planet your love, your caring, and your light, together you will ascend into the glorious creation of Light you were always meant to be. These days are each indeed special. As the vibrations of negativity are transformed by your earth, a renewal takes place. A new energy is released. This is the energy that will build and maintain your new world. This is the light that has been promised. Many are with you in the spiritual realms now, assisting, overseeing and assuring you of your purpose, and of their promise to you.

These sparks of energy became angelic beings serving the Creator. These same angelic beings created more energy sparks until finally souls were created with a free will to experience their own experiences. Creator has never prevented free will, even when it realised that some of its creations were separating and becoming more self-serving in their attitude. It watched and waited as it saw its creations being beaten, enslaved and killed by others of its creations. It stood by and felt every pain that its creatures felt, empathised with every experience, and knew every thought of every creature.

May you walk in Light and be blessed. When I read something that resonates strongly within me, I feel an excitement running through my veins. It is like a confirmation of something I know deep down. I feel the love of the Creator, and know that I am really blessed. It is a knowing that all things are just as they should be. The Creator has endowed us with powers beyond anything mankind has ever been given before. We have been given this opportunity to bring life into this planet again – to bring forth a birthing of a new energy.

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