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By Mircea Eliade

In quantity 2 of this enormous paintings, Mircea Eliade maintains his magisterial growth throughout the historical past of spiritual principles. The religions of historic China, Brahmanism and Hinduism, Buddha and his contemporaries, Roman faith, Celtic and German religions, Judaism, the Hellenistic interval, the Iranian syntheses, and the beginning of Christianity—all are encompassed during this quantity.

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Girardot, "Myth and Meaning in the Tao Te Ching," p. 304. 22 THE RELIGIONS OF ANCIENT CHINA condition that existed before the triumph of civilization. But it was precisely this "return to nature" that was objected to by all those who wanted to inaugurate a just and duly policed society, governed by the norms, and inspired by the examples, of the fabulous kings and civilizing heroes. 131. Confucius: The power of the rites It could be said that in ancient China all the trends of religious thought shared a certain number of fundamental ideas.

Eliade, Yoga, pp. 53 ff. We may add that the "deep and silent" breathing of ecstasy resembled the breathing of animals during hibernation, and it is known that, for the Chinese, the fullness and spontaneity of animal life constituted the supreme example of an existence in perfect harmony with the cosmos. 88. Preface to the treatise "Oral Formulas for Embryonic Respiration," trans. Maspero, in "Les procedes," p. 198. 89. On the Taoist pantheon dwelling in the human body, see Maspero, Le taoi'sme, pp.

In another cosmogonic fragment (chap. 25), the Tao is denominated "an undifferentiated and perfect being, born before Heaven and Earth .... We can consider it the Mother of this 47. Max Kaltenmark, Lao tseu et Ie taoisme, p. 30; see also Granet, La pensee chinoise, pp. 300 fT. 48. Kaltenmark, Lao tseu, p. ' " 49. After Kaltenmark's translation in "La naissance du monde en Chine," p. 463. This scheme of serial procreations is used by almost all of the philosophical schools, from the Yi Ching to the Neo-Confucianists; cf.

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