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By Gwendolyn Leick

The Dictionary of old close to jap Mythology covers assets from Mesopotamia, Syro-Palestine and Anatolia, from round 2800 to three hundred BC. It comprises entries on gods and goddesses, giving facts in their worship in temples, describing their 'character', as documented through the texts, and defining their roles in the physique of mythological narratives; synoptic entries on myths, giving where of beginning of major texts and a short heritage in their transmission in the course of the a while; and entries explaining using professional terminology, for things like different types of Sumerian texts or different types of mythological figures.

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Ma, ‘mother of the land’, appears and Enki creates the marshland where he unites himself with Damgalnunna, who from this moment of conception on is called Ninsikil, ‘the pure lady’. After a pregnancy lasting nine days, she gives birth to Ninmu. , who in turn becomes impregnated by Enki and delivers Uttu, ‘vegetation’. Ninhursag now intervenes. She advises Uttu to avoid the advances of Enki. In order to achieve a union with Uttu, Enki now extends the water well into the dry zones, to the great delight of the gardener.

In the Babylonian godlist An=Anum he appears among the Weather-gods of Babylon. He was also considered to be a son of Ea. Edzard, WdM 1965, 56 Enki—Sumerian god (see figures 39 and 43) The name can either be taken to mean ‘Lord Earth’, but KI also stands for ‘Below’ in regard to a two-tiered cosmic structure with AN (Heaven) as the ‘Above’. Certainly the character of Enki ever since the earliest documents from the Old Sumerian period is formed by his association with water, most notably in the ground-water or Apsu.

1, Anat is in trouble because other, envious gods seem to harass her. El promises to put a spell on them and tells her to come with a ‘list of lapislazuli, a list of gold’. [gap] Fragment III contains the commission for Kothar-and-Hasis, who promptly departs from Egypt. [gap] In column IV, Baal is in difficulties. ) has been plotting against him and now El decides to support Yam instead of Baal and offers him the palace. [gap] Column V is badly damaged, it seems to contain a vision or premonition of Baal’s, that he is to bound ‘between the stones, between the stones of the stream-bed’.

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