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The Emerging Role of Glutamate in the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Schizophrenia. D. C. Goff and J. T. Coyle in American Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 158, No. 9, pages 1367–1377; September 2001. Revolution #9. Directed by Tim McCann. Wellspring Media, 2001. VHS and DVD release, 2003. com SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN COPYRIGHT 2003 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. 55 RFID A Key to Automating Everything Already common in security systems and tollbooths, radio-frequency identification tags and readers stand poised to take over many processes now accomplished by human toil By Roy Want 56 COPYRIGHT 2003 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC.

They show a general motor slowing and reduction in speech output just like that seen in schizophrenia. Individuals given PCP or ketamine also grow withdrawn, sometimes even mute; when they talk, they speak tangentially and concretely. PCP and ketamine rarely induce schizophrenialike hallucinations in normal volunteers, but they exacerbate these disturbances in those who already have schizophrenia. The ability of PCP and ketamine to induce a broad spectrum of schizophrenialike symptoms suggests that these drugs replicate some key molecular disturbance in the brain of schizophrenic patients.

Imbalances in the neurotransmitter dopamine were once thought to be the prime cause of schizophrenia. But new findings suggest that impoverished signaling by the more pervasive neurotransmitter glutamate— or, more specifically, by one of glutamate’s key targets on neurons (the NMDA receptor)— better explains the wide range of symptoms in this disorder. AUDITORY SYSTEM BASAL GANGLIA Enables humans to hear and understand speech. In schizophrenia, overactivity of the speech area (called Wernicke’s area) can create auditory hallucinations— the illusion that internally generated thoughts are real voices coming from the outside.

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