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Read Online or Download 40 mm Antiaircraft Gun [Mk. 1, 2] [Ord. Pmphlt. 820, prelim] PDF

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The resulting recoil and counterrecoil will n ow cock the gun mechanism and feed the rounds, thus providing automatic op eration. A. FIRING THE FIRST ROUND 1. Loading To prepare the mechanism for firing, the hand operating lever is moved to the rear as far as possible and then forward to the rear catch bracket. This movement, Figure 23. performs three operations: It rotates the rammer cocking levers which force the rammer shoe to the cocked position where it is held by the loader catch lever. It operates the star wheel catch mechanisms.

The breech block is held down by the extractors, and the rammer shoe is held back by the tray catch lever. The star wheels are released, the catch heads of the catch mechanisms having been tripped by the rammer tray pawls. The feed pawls, due to the action of the tray guides, are pressing the rounds down. This forces the bottom round between the star wheels and onto the tray. B. COCKING THE RAMMER Figure 35 The barrel assembly, breech mechanism, and tray are still moving forward in counterrecoil and have almost reached battery position.

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